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Wherever we are, Unicer and

our brands will always be the

1st choice.

Unicer is the largest Portuguese soft

drinks company with a multi-brand,

multi-market strategy based on its

operations in the Beer and Bottled

water businesses.

We are also present in the segments

of soft drinks, wines, the production

and marketing of malt and the tour-

ism business, through management

of the Parque de Vidago and Parque

de Pedras tourist developments.

We are a company with the major-

ity of our capital Portuguese-owned,

56% being held by Grupo VIACER

(BPI, Arsopi and Violas) and 44% by

the Carlsberg Group.

With 1,500 employees, Unicer has a

presence from the north and south

of the country with 10 units, including

centers producing beer, juices and

soft drinks, and wine; water collec-

tion and bottling centers; sales and


In order to grow, we rely on the

quality of our products, the val-

ue of our brands - which greatly

contribute to strengthening con-

sumer loyalty - and the enthu-

siasm of employees. We have a

varied portfolio of brands that in-

cludes: beers; bottled water; soft

drink; cider; wines.

Internationalization is a priority in

the strategy of Unicer. We maintain

the ambition to grow in this decade

based on opportunities in the for-

eign market.

We are present in more than 50

countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and

America and we are proud of con-

tributing in taking the name of Por-

tugal and its brands and products

beyond boarders.

Our clients are our partners and

ambassadors of our brands. We

focus our commercial activity on

two channels: Off Trade or Food

Industry (superstores, conveni-

ence stores, supermarkets, dis-

count, wholesalers and traditional

commerce) and On Trade (distri-

bution network, retail and organ-

ized HORECA).

Via Norte, Leça do Balio, Matosinhos - Apartado 1044 | 4466-955 São Mamede de Infesta